The VistaVerse Token

$VVio is the essential metavese virtual currency that fuels the VistaVerse ecosystem
$VVio holders will be able to transact and claim rewards through participating in the many play-to-earn games, purchase Celeb NFTs in the Fantico marketplace , buy and trade Land, view live streamed events and gain entry to the many curated or branded Experiences and eligible to participate in the DAO voting process.
Participants in the DAO (which will be launched in the near future) will be owners and managers of the entire VistaVerse ecosystem. The decision making will be prorated based on a participants ownership of the overall DAO through the $VVio ownership. These tokens will represent voting rights in the DAO.

Token Utilization

The entire VistaVerse ecosystem sits on top of the Virtual Lands and the usage of $VVio is the preferred in-metaverse currency of choice.
Any attractions, experiences, games or interactions within VistaVerse will use $VVio.

Virtual Land sales

The dynamics for this digital world simulation are intended to properly emulate a vast amount of real-life interactions. Similar to lands in the real world, there is a limited supply of land parcels available for ownership within each virtual city.
Of course, thanks to the appreciation of the value of lands within VistaVerse, we expect an increase of $VVio, allowing savvy owners to benefit from these fluctuations in price. Virtual Land’s owners will be paid in $VVio. This would encompass any earnings on the land including rental income, presenting experiences, showcasing NFT museums and even branded content.
The play-to-earn games of VistaVerse allow landowners to generate income through their property. The compensation for hosting elements of these play-to-earn games is in $VVio, increasing its utility. Additional details on $VVio utilization within the gaming platforms are mentioned below, under the section P2E Games.
As in any community (real or virtual) the more movement there is and the more interactions occur, the more goods and services are required. In other words, the constant increase and growth of the VistaVerse community will provide a greater value to the $VVio as well.

Play-2-earn (P2E) games

Three first three Games will be launched within VistaVerse for the year 2022. They will cater to an audience that demands familiarity, entertainment, a safe and secure environment, PG content, and the opportunity to earn while playing. VistaVerse will introduce Travelland, Ludopoly, and LadderPoly.
$VVio usage will be consistently prompted and applied across all games. Unlike other options for in-game purchases (e.g., credit card), $VVio makes such purchases easier while increasing the token utilization and enabling the projection of real value on intangible assets.
Purchase of in-game and game-enhancing assets such as; skins, virtual outfits, maps, transcripts, unique items, and more, will be built within all game mechanics, and reward structures.
For example, In Ludopoly, $VVio is used to buy properties from the bank, pay rental fees, obtain skins, boost energy, place bets in the coin room, or even watch a video advertisement.
In-game assets are designed to be transferable to another game within VistaVerse or other partnered networks, enhancing usage and cross-game loyalty. The reason behind this is to allow users to truly own their in-game assets, which can be used between different experiences or tradable on the NFT Marketplace.

NFT Marketplace,

In order to promote NFT sales on the Marketplace and living up to the mission of being the Metaverse for all, VistaVerse will present buyers with a wide selection of payment options from; credit card, ETH, and $VVio.
As the most affordable option in the marketplace, $VVio will always be the best payment option. And for those who want to hold it, the value of $VVio will increase with its usage. the marketplace, is the default destination for all NFT showcase and sales of digital assets within the VistaVerse ecosystem, it will have a massive inventory of over a 100,000 NFTs contributed from Celebrity NFTs, In-game digital assets minted from the 3 Gaming platforms, Land Parcels sales (as NFTs) from the Virtual Land Sales application and other assets from the many immersive activities found within the various Curated, Branded, and UGC Experiences being promoted within VistaVerse.
These massive numbers of NFTs within the Marketplace will be one of the key usage drivers of $VVio utilization throughout the VistaVerse ecosystem, for which the Marketplace derives a 3% to 5% sales commission and a percentage of royalties from all NFT sales.


The presence of shopping streets, fashion avenues, food corners, learning pods, branded showcases, celebrity houses, festivals, and exhibitions, to name a few, will generate different activities and events in either curated collaborative or User Generated Content (UGC) formats. In these spaces, auctions of NFTs, performances, ticket sales, merchandising, live streaming, premium content, celebrity engagement, and more, will provide high traffic of $VVio, thus increasing this crypto utility thanks to high volume transactions.
The design of the mentioned three P2E Games will be crafted within the Vista-Verse environment and will feature these experiences, enhancing visibility, traffic, visitation, and utilization of $VVio. With VistaVerse’s partners and celebrity network, experiences will provide the best and most accessible platform for showcasing and engaging with the massive fan base, where $VVio will be the preferred in-metaverse currency of choice.