Technology Overview

With the partnership with Morpheus lab, VistaVerse will leverage their SEED platform to create the metaverse application on the Polygon Blockchain. More information on the SEED platform can be found here

The Polygon blockchain will be deployed to store ownership data of virtual digital assets (lands parcels, NFTs, and other digital assets) in VistaVerse. Users will then use their Metamask wallet, a web3 provider, to securely access the blockchain to own and transact their digital assets.

IPFS (InterPlanetary File System), a decentralized storage platform, will store the actual digital assets and ensures that they cannot be changed without the owner’s permission. VistaVerse aims to support meta transactions so that users do not need to own the underlying blockchain token (Matic).”

The unique (non-fungible) digital assets of VistaVerse, such as land parcels and NFTs, will be stored as ERC721 NFT tokens. Multi-class fungible digital assets, such as in-game items will be stored using ERC1155 NFT tokens. The in-game token, $VVio, will be a mintable ERC20 fungible token and will be used as the digital currency to purchase land, P2E Games, NFTs etc within VistaVerse.

Adopting these standards will enable interoperability with other marketplaces, digital asset exchanges, and eWallets.

VistaVerse token, $VVio, can be used for Staking and DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) Governance.