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VistaLand, The building blocks of VistaVerse, virtual land sales Starting Soon
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    Here’s why:

    Make Money

    Create businesses, host events or rent out your Land! If there is an experience built on your Land, then you can make a commission as the Land owner. If you don’t want to put in too much effort, then take your Land Parcels to the secondary market and resell it for more! Land prices will be affordable and will be announced soon.

    Easy to participate

    Blockchain projects can be scary and intimidating to understand. VistaVerse and VistaLand makes things easier by offering payment choices including cash and Ethereum, tutorials taking you step by step through the purchasing process and an affordable entry cost. The Land sales application is navigation friendly and accessible through both computers and mobile devices.

    We don’t want this to be just for the crypto experts, we want this to be easy and safe for all.

    Limited Supply of VistaLand

    With a finite amount of VistaLand available, spot your land in the virtual world and secure it before somebody else does. The competition will be getting hot so best to get in before it sells out!

    Become a Land Owner

    With soaring prices of land in India and the rest of the world, get in early while prices are low and secure yourself your very own piece of Virtual Land. You’ve seen the other metaverse projects with land prices worth more than ₹1 crore, this is your opportunity to become a Land owner early before prices skyrocket.


    About VistaLand & VistaVerse

    VistaVerse is India’s first Metaverse for all. Designed with the vision of rebuilding India and creating cities of the future, VistaVerse will provide a safe, simple-to-use, relatable virtual environment. You can read more about the VistaVerse project HERE.

    VistaLand is the Virtual Land of VistaVerse, where all of the components of VistaVerse will be hosted upon. Think of it as a digital piece of real-estate. Land owners decide how they want to use their land. If you want to build businesses or housing, you can! If you want to rent it out to others or host play to earn games, you will need land to build them on. Take your dreams of building your first home, hotel or restaurant and profiting from it, into a reality.


    Customise your VistaLand

    Upon acquiring your Virtual Land parcel, you can enter our Creator Application. This will allow you to create and customise your new Land! Pick the layout of your choice then fill it with your choice of furniture, accessories and belongings. Not enough options available? Soon, you’ll be able to head on over to the secondary market and purchase your own customisations to go into your house! Showcase your favourite NFTs in your own house in VistaVerse and share your creations with your friends as well.

    The Creator Application will be free for Land owners to use and will allow you to create in 2D and experience in 3D. In future builds, feel free to call your friends and host events at your house in VistaVerse!

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    Copyright Planner5D.Com

    Land Mechanics

    As each parcel of virtual land represents 10 metres by 10 metres in the real world, individual land parcels can be combined, creating Blocks. The key advantage to owning these Blocks of land is that owners can earn more rental as a unit rather than individual pieces. Bigger experiences can be hosted on this land, attracting celebrity experiences and branded content. In order to promote the development of communities, each purchase transaction of land will be for a single land parcel. However, each wallet can hold up to 5 land parcel NFTs. If you want more VistaLand, you’ll have to go to a secondary market such as

    Land in VistaVerse is the Land of the future. Every piece of land is for sale but for the first phase, only green land is purchasable. As more user generated content and experiences are developed along with more Blocks being formed, the increased amount of traffic provides the potential for the land surrounding these experiences to appreciate in value.


    Token Metrics

    $VVio is the essential metavese virtual currency that fuels the VistaVerse ecosystem
    VistaLand owners will be paid in $VVio. This would encompass any earnings on the land including rental income, presenting experiences, showcasing NFT museums and even branded content. The play-to-earn games of VistaVerse allows land owners to generate income through their property. The compensation for hosting elements of the pay-to-earn games is $VVio, increasing its utilisation. Businesses include recharge stations for “Ricks”, bank properties, shopping malls, garages, terminals and more.
    Currently, the purchase of land is conducted using Ethereum or Fiat currency. The integration of $VVio as a purchasing tool of land is underway, which presents the opportunity for land owners to use the rental income from their existing land in order to expand their portfolio and acquire more land parcels. In order to encourage the purchase of VistaLand, and delivering upon our promise of being the Metaverse to all, buyers will still be able to use Ethereum or Fiat currency after the integration of $VVio. Regardless, the larger the community of members involved with VistaVerse and the more it grows, the greater the use case of $VVio as well.

    Road Map

    Please note that development is a fluid process and all dates are subject to change. Any significant delays would be communicated to the community as early as possible. Timeline assumes no major roadblocks to development.

    2021 – Q4

    Websites, collaterals and technical development

    Ongoing testing of Land Sales Application

    Pre-Hype, Investor out-reach for Seed and Private Sale

    Launch of Marketing and PR campaigns

    VistaVerse launch, starting with sale of Vista Land in Mumbai and Chennai

    Investor Roadshow

    2022 – Q1

    2022 – Q2

    Public Sale and Token Generation Event (TGE)

    Launch of Ongoing Virtual Land sales for Delhi and Hyderabad

    Sequential launches of Marketing Campaigns and PR Initiatives

    Launch of LudoPoly game - Beta Version

    Platform Audit

    Rollout next phase of Land sales with new features and $VVio integration

    Preparations to launch activities for Dubai and Singapore

    Launch of Travelland game - Beta Version

    2022 – Q3

    The Team

    Abhayanand Singh

    Chief Executive Officer

    • Group Chief Executive Officer, Vistas Media Capital Pte. Ltd.
    • Co-Founder, and Vistas Media Acquisition Company Inc.
    • Founder, Indie Muviz Pte. Ltd.
    • CEO, Pinnacle Fund Management Ltd.

    Dhruv Saxena

    Chief Operations Officer

    • Chief Strategy Officer, Vistas Media Capital Pte. Ltd.
    • Product Management, Bain & Company

    Piiyush Singh

    Chief Creative Officer

    • Co-Founder/India Partner, Vistas Media Capital Pte. Ltd.
    • General Manager, Vistas Media FZ LLC

    Andrew James Long

    Chief Marketing Officer

    • Managing Director, Future Media Vistas Media Capital Pte. Ltd.
    • Partner, CryptoCrunch.Capital
    • Managing Director, Exchange Relationships and Listings Block On Capital

    Vinay Singh

    Chief Technology Officer

    • Co Founder, Diquery Digital LLP.
    • Technology Consultant, Singapore South Asian International Film Festival
    • Head Of Information Technology, Indie Muviz Pte. Ltd.

    Jaswinder Ahluwalia

    Product Owner

    • Vice President, Portfolio Management Vistas Media Capital Pte. Ltd.
    • Analyst, Crédit Agricole Corporate and Investment Bank

    Aashish Mall

    Head Design

    • Co-Founder & Director, Paperboat Design Studios
    • Co-Founder & Director, Occult VFX

    shonell thakker

    Head Social Media

    • Co-founder and CEO, Diquery Digital LLP.
    • Ambassador, TRIBE THEORY

    The Investors and Advisory Panel

    Arthur Hayes

    • Co-Founder, 100X Group
    • CEO, BitMEX

    Hemant Tucker

    • MD, Market Head – Global South Asia & Middle East and Segment Head for Technopreneurs, Bank of Singapore
    • MD, Global Head of NRI, Barclays Wealth Management

    Aroon Tan

    • Founder, Interactive Digital Dreams Pte Ltd.
    • I Can Read, Executive Producer

    Bruce Lu Yang

    • Co-founder and CTO, Morpheus Labs
    • Former, Sr. Managing Consultant and Lead Sr. Architect for IBM

    Ken Nizam

    • Co-founder & CEO, Two Monkey Juice Bar NFT
    • Co-founder & CEO, AsiaTokenFund

    Pavel Bains

    • CEO, Bluzelle Networks
    • Principal, M2SIX Ventures


    Partners And Investors



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