VistaVerse is launched by Fantico Pte Ltd, a subsidiary of Vistas Media Capital (VMC). VMC is a leading media content and technology company, headquartered in Singapore that operates and invests in ventures across the various ecosystems of the global media and entertainment industry. VMC’s businesses and venture investments are diversified across global content production and distribution, streaming platforms, animation & VFX studio, Blockchain technology & Metaverse applications, gaming, digital media marketing, events and award I
All updates and news are regularly posted on all our Social Media Channels; Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, Discord, and Instagram Quick access can be found under “Contact Us”
Participation is easy. Select your choice of the different applications within our Ecosystem, and you will be brought directly to it. If you would like to view and purchase Celebrity NFTs, click on “NFT Marketplace” or if you would like to play a Game, Click on any of our featured games; LuduPoly, Travelland, etc….its that easy There will be online guides that help you along when needed.
You do not need to know anything about the Blockchain or Cryptos. But any understanding of it is certainly useful, as its one of the hottest new technology that will transform how we do things, from decentralisation, security and privacy, speed, accountability, cost reduction, immutability and even the ease of payment between parties. VistaVerse is structured such that it will present an easy and safe introduction into this fascinating world of Blockchain and Cryptos, but without the jargons
$VVio is the essential metaverse virtual currency that fuels the VistaVerse ecosystem $VVio holders will be able to transact and claim rewards through participating in the many play-to-earn games, purchase Celeb NFTs in the Fantico NFT marketplace, buy and trade Land, view live-streamed events and gain entry to the many curated or branded Experiences and even be eligible to participate in the future DAO voting process.

More information can be obtained by viewing the WhitePaper