Token Utilization

Virtual Land – VistaLand

The entire VistaVerse ecosystem sits on top of VistaLand and the usage of $VVio is the preferred in-metaverse currency of choice. Any attractions, experiences, games or interactions within VistaVerse will occur on VistaLand and uses $VVio.

Similar to land in the real world, there is a limited supply of land parcels available for ownership within each virtual city. This scarcity of land parcels presents an opportunity for owners to buy, trade, sell and rent their land for income or even for social benefit. With the appreciation of the value of land within VistaVerse, the respective demand for $VVio will increase, allowing savvy owners to benefit from these fluctuations in price.

VistaLand owners will be paid in $VVio. This would encompass any earnings on the land including rental income, presenting experiences, showcasing NFT museums and even branded content. The play-to-earn games of VistaVerse allows land owners to generate income through their property. The compensation for hosting elements of the pay-to-earn games is $VVio, increasing its utilisation. Businesses include recharge stations for “Ricks”, bank properties, shopping malls, garages, terminals and more. Additional details on $VVio utilization within the gaming platforms are mentioned below, under the section P2E Games

Currently, the purchase of land is conducted using Ethereum or Fiat currency. The integration of $VVio as a purchasing tool of land is underway, which presents the opportunity for land owners to use the rental income from their existing land in order to expand their portfolio and acquire more land parcels. In order to encourage the purchase of VistaLand, and delivering upon our promise of being the Metaverse to all, buyers will still be able to use Ethereum or Fiat currency after the integration of $VVio. Regardless, the larger the community of members involved with VistaVerse and the more it grows, the greater the use case of $VVio as well.

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P2E Games

3 Games will be launched within VistaVerse for year 2022 and will cater to an audience who demands familiarity, entertainment, a safe and secure environment, PG content and an opportunity to earn while playing.

VistaVerse will introduce Travelland, LudoPoly and Snakes and Ladders Poly

See Game Play Documents: Travelland, LudoPoly

The in-game currency will be $VVio As a utilization principle, $VVio usage will be consistently prompted and applied across all games under the following scenarios;

Unlike current options for in-game purchases (e.g. credit card) $VVio makes such purchases easier, increasing the token utilization and enables the projection of real value on intangible assets ( e.g. skins, energy bar)

Purchase of in-game and game enhancing assets such as; skins, virtual outfits, maps, transcripts, unique items etc will be built within all game mechanics and reward structures Along these same principles will be Rental offerings, such as Characters and “Ricks”

In LudoPoly, $VVio is used to purchase; property from the bank, rental fees, skins, selling cells, power up of energy, placing bets in the coin room and even watching a video ad

In Travelland, $VVio is used to purchase “Ricks”, Smart Chips and its Upgradation (as NFTs from the Fantico Marketplace) as entry to the game, property rentals, energy refills, ETM credits and in-app purchases for Gems, Chests, character customizations , subscription/season passes, Pets etc. Gamers will earn $VVio by completing challenges within the games, such as Travelland. Instead of unlocking an “achievement” for satisfying certain in-game criteria, gamers will be rewarded with $VVio that could be used for in-game purchases and more.

Credits, in-game assets, NFTs earned, including $VVio in any of the games, are designed to be transferable to another game within VistaVerse or other partnered networks, enhancing usage and cross game loyalty

Games are designed to allow gamers to truly own their in-game assets, which can be used between games or tradable on the Fantico NFT Marketplace, for more $VVio

Future opportunities will be created for collaborative efforts between game developers and gamers for new games testing and entry request will be via $VVio

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NFT Marketplace,

To encourage sales of NFTs on the Fantico platform, and living to our promise of being the Metaverse for All, VistaVerse will present buyers with a selection of payment options from; credit card, ETH and $VVio

$VVio will be the recommended option, as it’s the cheapest in value and holders of $VVio are further incentivized through its usage

As the Fantico Marketplace is the DEFAULT destination for all NFT showcase and sales of digital assets, within the VistaVerse ecosystem, it will have a MASSIVE inventory of over 30,000 NFTs contributed from;

-Celebrity NFTs,
-In-game digital assets minted from the 3 Gaming platforms,
-The secondary sale of land parcels (as NFTs) from the Virtual Land Sales application
– and from the many immersive activities found within the various Curated, Branded and UGC. Experiences being promoted within VistaVerse

This massive numbers of NFTs on the Fantico Marketplace will be one of the key usage driver of $VVio utilization throughout the VistaVerse ecosystem, for which the Fantico Marketplace derives a 20% sales commission and a percentage of royalties, from all NFT sales


The emergence of Shopping Streets, Fashion Avenues, Food Corners, Learning Pods, Branded Showcases, Celebrity Houses, Festivals, Exhibitions etc will be the hallmark activities within Experiences, in either curated, collaborative or User Generated Content (UGC) formats. Here auctions of NFTs, performances, ticket sales, merchandising, live streaming, premium contents, celebrity engagement etc are areas of high $VVio utilization .

The design of the mentioned 3 P2E Games will be crafted within VistaVerse environment and will feature these Experiences; enhancing visibility, traffic, visitation and utilization of $VVio

With VistaVerse’s Partners and Celebrity network, Experiences provides the best and most accessible platform for showcasing and engaging the massive fan base, where $VVio will be the preferred in-metaverse currency of choice