Road Map

Please note that development is a fluid process and all dates are subject to change. Any significant delays would
be communicated to the community as early as possible. Timeline assumes no major roadblocks to development.

2021 – Q4

Whitepaper development

Supporting websites, collaterals & technical developments

Newer builds & updates for NFT Marketplace

Finalization of concept papers for virtual land sales app and 3 P2E Games

Increasing of talent and knowledge pool for blockchain & crypto capabilities

Pre-hype and initial investor out reach for token fund-raising campaign

Soft launch of marketing, PR & community building campaigns

Progressive commitments and rollouts of Partners & Celebrity NFTs

Secure anchor Celebrity & Brand Partner for launch of VistaVerse

Development of the virtual land sales app and LudoPoly Game

VistaVerse platform Audit and VAPT

2022 – Q1

2022 – Q2

VistaVerse full launch

Launch of anchor Celeb presence in VistaVerse

Launch of major marketing campaign

Progressive rollouts for new cities for the virtual land sales

Launch of LadderPoly and Travelland games

Progressive launches of new Metaverse Experiences

2022 – Q3

Partners And Investors