land sales

Looking For More Reasons to Sign Up?
Here’s why:

Make Money

Create businesses, host events or rent out your Land! If there is an experience built on your Land, then you can make a commission as the Land owner. If you don’t want to put in too much effort, then take your Land Parcels to the secondary market and resell it for more! Land prices will be affordable and will be announced soon.

Easy to participate

Blockchain projects can be scary and intimidating to understand. VistaVerse and VistaLand makes things easier by offering payment choices including cash and Ethereum, tutorials taking you step by step through the purchasing process and an affordable entry cost. The Land sales application is navigation friendly and accessible through both computers and mobile devices.

We don’t want this to be just for the crypto experts, we want this to be easy and safe for all.

Limited Supply of VistaLand

With a finite amount of VistaLand available, spot your land in the virtual world and secure it before somebody else does. The competition will be getting hot so best to get in before it sells out!

Become a Land Owner

With soaring prices of land in India and the rest of the world, get in early while prices are low and secure yourself your very own piece of Virtual Land. You’ve seen the other metaverse projects with land prices worth more than ₹1 crore, this is your opportunity to become a Land owner early before prices skyrocket.