The Ecosystem

Zip around in your custom “Rik” and swing by your favourite celebrity cribs… Don’t forget to say “Hi!”
Engage in exciting play to earn games, own one-of-a-kind celebrity collectibles and socialize in our many curated and branded Experiences.
Buy Land and see it skyrocket, to the moon!
All this and more in our exciting metaverse, VistaVerse


Virtual land parcels are the building blocks of VistaVerse. With LIMITED land parcels available…

Play To
Earn Games

Why just ‘Play’ when you can ‘Earn and Play’. Select from a variety of familiar yet challenging…


Hottest, exclusive and one-of-a-kind Celebrity, Gaming and Land NFTs dropping every month…

Immersive Experiences

Places for fun, excitement and learning, where Brands and Content Creators can host…